Inheritance diagram of RemoteFile

RemoteFile inheritance diagram

class savant.remote_file.schema.RemoteFile(url='???', checksum_url=None, always_check=False, parameters=<factory>)

Remote file location specification.

url: str = '???'

File URL. Format: scheme://[netloc/]path[?query], eg s3://models/yolov4.tar.gz

checksum_url: str | None = None

File checksum URL. If the URL is specified, it will be used to check the relevance of the file. The first line of the checksum file must contain the md5 hex digest.

always_check: bool = False

If True: always download and and check the remote file (or checksum). If False: download the remote file only if the content of the cached config does not match the current config.

parameters: Dict[str, Any]

File storage-specific parameters, eg user/password for http or endpoint/access_key/secret_key for s3.