Skipping Frames

The method is based on default ROI removal for a frame when a specific condition is met:

class ConditionalDetectorSkip(NvDsPyFuncPlugin):
    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
        with open(self.config_path, 'r', encoding='utf8') as stream:
            self.line_config = yaml.safe_load(stream)

    def process_frame(self, buffer: Gst.Buffer, frame_meta: NvDsFrameMeta):
        primary_meta_object = None
        for obj_meta in frame_meta.objects:
            if obj_meta.is_primary:
                primary_meta_object = obj_meta

        # if the boundary lines are not configured for this source
        # then disable detector inference entirely by removing the primary object
        # Note:
        # In order to enable use cases such as conditional inference skip
        # or user-defined ROI, Savant configures all Deepstream models to run
        # in 'secondary' mode and inserts a primary 'frame' object into the DS meta
        if (
            primary_meta_object is not None
            and frame_meta.source_id not in self.line_config